Dövlət idarəetməsində nəzarət proseslərinə yeni yanaşma

Joshqun Jafarov

Macroeconomist of CAERC

09 February 2021, 11:21

 Dövlət idarəetməsində nəzarət proseslərinə yeni yanaşma

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the creation of the "Information System of State Control" will further facilitate an increase in the effectiveness of the administrative reforms implemented in the country, as well as strengthen the state control. Being part of project and program management, the control over the efficiency of work is one of the main factors to be focused on during the implementation process. Amid the modern challenges, simplification of the control process in public administration and the introduction of technological innovations in the implementation of state control is of particular importance,

The Information System of State Control will be based on principles of efficiency, ease of use, and flexibility and allow coordinating administration and control process. The System will consist of 8 various subsystems that will ensure the implementation of the control process on a modular basis. The Tasks subsystem includes processing and evaluation of information on the status of tasks.  The Key Performance Indicators subsystem envisages an assessment of the activity of local executive bodies based on key performance indicators. It will play a significant role in creating a competitive environment between local executive bodies, improving the quality and efficiency of work, as well as timely implementation of activity by decrees, orders, and instructions. Generally aggregated reports on all subsystems will be received through the Reporting subsystem. As a result, it will create conditions for determining the overall effectiveness of various state structures

E-information systems facilitate paperless documents and other workflow management. All operations in the system are carried out with e-signature, which plays an important role in ensuring information security.

Moreover, the e-information system will play an important role in project and software management. These systems open up a new approach to solving problems and constraints through e-monitoring of project and program implementation, achieving development goals and tracking results, and making preventive alerts of deficiencies and gaps. The creation of such e-systems also provides users with instant access to a centralized database.

At the same time, the creation of such an information system will not only create opportunities for the formation of an effective, transparent, and manageable governance structure but also play a significant role in increasing the effectiveness of public administration reforms. Another important issue to mention is that the creation of an Information System of State Control allows the formation of a Big Data database. In the future, this database can be used in the preparation of new projects, programs, and forecasting in this area.

The Information System of State Control will provide real-time reporting, performance appraisal, improve the quality of the state control process and reduce the time spent on the exchange of information.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the creation of the Information System of State Control will ensure efficiency, coordination, and effective state control by expanding the application of modern technologies in public administration.

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