Turkic World Research Center

The Turkish World Research Center (TWRC), operating under the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, is set to focus on positive trends in the Turkic World in February 2023. The Center aims to promote increased economic, cultural, technological, scientific, and political relations, as well as diversification of ties among Turkic States. The establishment of TWRC aligns with the directives from the country's leadership. The center envisions fostering cooperation between economic policy research centers and academic circles, enhancing economic and sectoral collaboration, actively participating in developing the regional value chain in the Turkish world, and expanding cooperation in organizing joint events and projects.

TWRC's key activities include the "Turkic World 2040 Vision" and the "Turkic World Organizations 2022-2026 Strategy." It conducts analyses and research at both macroeconomic and microeconomic levels within the framework of the economic policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Simultaneously, it aims to present scientific and analytical approaches to ensure sustainable economic development across the member and observer countries of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS). TWRC also focuses on proposing forecasts and recommendations, and identifying investment opportunities in the Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic regions of the member and observer states of the OTS. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness about Azerbaijan and encourage contributions to post-conflict rehabilitation, reconstruction, and reintegration efforts.

Recognizing OTS's dynamic role in the region, TWRC is working on preparing a Geo-economic interactive map of the Turkic World and creating the "TurkicExport" portal to promote trade and investments.

Within its mission, TWRC closely collaborates with institutions such as the Secretariat of the Organization of Turkic States, the International Turkic Academy, the International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, the Turkic Elders Association, and the Network of Economic Policy Research Centers of the Turkic World (ERCNET). Moreover, TWRC engages in bilateral and multilateral cooperation with separate official institutions and think tanks of OTS member and observer countries.

The Center's meetings and research cover various topics, including the preparation of an interactive geo-economic map of the Turkic World, the "Turkic Economies 2023: Digital Trade and Investment Report," and the "Economic impact of Zangezur Corridor on transport corridors in the South Caucasus and prospects of economic relations between CAREC and the European Union." TDAM also analyzes "Investigation of Turkey-Azerbaijan regional cooperation opportunities," "Investigation of the impact of the Middle Corridor on Visegrad Group (V4) countries: opportunities, challenges, and political-economic consequences," and provides information on the movement of goods and vehicles between the customs authorities of the governments of the Turkic States Organization, the steps taken to facilitate the exchange, Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan relations, and the current state of relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary.

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