The next meeting between "Azexport" portal and "Payoneer" took place

The next meeting between "Azexport" portal and "Payoneer" took place

A meeting was held between the "Azexport" portal operated by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication and the international digital payment platform "Payoneer". At the meeting organized in an online format, discussions were held on the more convenient use of digital payment opportunities for local entrepreneurs who offer products through e-commerce platforms such as "Amazon", "Ebay". Aykhan Gadashov, the head of "Azexport" portal, said that "Payoneer" accepts payments from dozens of e-commerce platforms. Expanding cooperation with the platform provides us with additional support in solving the difficulties arising in the direction of the export of goods produced in the country to the international e-commerce market, as well as in the closer study of international experience in this direction. Later, A. Gadashov pointed out the difficulty in confirming the required documents related to the address during the creation of a new account on the platform to "Payoneer" officials, and put forward his proposals to adapt this requirement to the documents that can be submitted in Azerbaijan to solve the issue.

"Payoneer" official Artem Biberin noted that they are interested in a wider representation in the e-commerce market of Azerbaijan. He also appreciated the potential of cooperation in organizing joint online and physical trainings of "Azexport" portal and "Payoneer" for local entrepreneurs and e-commerce users.

The meeting continued with discussions on issues such as the possibility of creating accounts in national currency for local users and sending "OTP" confirmation messages. In the end, the work that can be done together with the "Payoneer" platform in the direction of more transparent implementation and expansion of the scope of international e-commerce operations in Azerbaijan was reviewed.

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